Whenever we think of beauty, we remain enchanted by the sparkle of jewels. These jewels become even more beautiful when they adorn our necklines. But who thought such beautiful pendants and necklaces could transform us?

Well, everything is possible when you have Purple Reign Crystals by your side. We offer beautiful healing crystal necklaces and pendants that act upon your chakras to balance them, giving you a life of purpose and bliss. Our healing crystal necklaces have the powers to govern the positive energies of your body and block negativity. They are so efficiently designed that people experience a change in their lives just a few days after wearing them.

What makes these pendants worth adorning your neck is the fact that they carry both elegance and effectiveness in the right amounts. A healing crystal necklace or a chakra healing pendant touches every problematic element of your body and mind and soothes it from the core. The most beautiful aspect of such positive energy crystal necklaces is that these foster the flow of positive energy to every cell of the body. 

Ever since the inception of Purple Reign Crystals, we have pledged to bring a positive change in people’s lives with the help of powerful crystals and minerals; and the success of healing necklaces and pendants have proved to be one of our most productive projects allowing us to give back to the community with donating 5% of all our sales to various charities