We believe in operating our business in a socially responsible manner. This cultivates with our strong desire to help develop tomorrow's leaders and to empower others to work cooperatively. We also want to help those who do not have a voice. At Purple Reign Crystals we donate 5% of our yearly sales to the following charities:

Malala Fund

Malala Fund 

We believe that investing in the education of young girls in impoverished countries will help to empower them to grow and become fierce and strong women who will be the next generation of leaders.


Isha Foundation 

We truly believe in a higher power and the Isha Foundation’s practices align with our holistic values and beliefs.


Local SPCA 

We believe that dogs and cats are a human beings best friend. Being the proud pet owner of Chico, a beautiful malti-poo for nearly 17 years, I have learned how much joy, happiness and unconditional love these furry little beings can bring into our lives. They are not just pets, they become a unique member of the family. Animals similar to people have a soul, yet they do not have a voice. Therefore, it is important as citizens that we become their voice. Together we can help to end the abuse and cruelty against animals.